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An Insight to the Thought Process

Our thoughts shape and govern our actions. Human brain is a complex but most effective computer, which even the best and fastest chips cannot match. The chief differentiator is its ability to THINK.
While our thought process is shaped by many inputs, which continuously stream into our conscious and unconscious brain segments, one simple thing to be understood is that our total personality, actions and the state of being is resultant of our thoughts.


– A newborn recognizes touch, smells, sounds etc., which are all stored in the human computer, its brain.


– Children watch and hear their parents.

– They recognize the warm touch of their mothers, even with their eyes closed.

– They note the body language of the family members, sense of well being in the household (or otherwise), the content and tone of conversation of the parents, their behavior with each other.

– The spoken advice and the actual actions of parents are noted and stored-are these in consonance?

– The customs, rituals, prayer (faith in God or otherwise), attitude towards work, material and monetary issues and their handling leave a profound impact.

– The personality, attitude and knowledge of the Teachers and their sense of commitment create a major impact.

– The peer group behavior, the social milieu (urban vs. rural, affluent vs. poor neighborhood) and numerous other societal inputs are stored.

– The literature read and the entertainment visuals watched all have a role to play.

By no means is this list complete as THOUGHTS are formed and stored on a dynamic basis in the human mind. Certain special events, especially traumatic ones do however leave a long-term impact. These thoughts over time are stored in the subconscious brain and have a bearing on our behavior.


Most of us want to behave well with others and also want to feel happy. Why is it that we actually behave differently and also feel unhappy or miserable most of the time ?

It is because our own behavior towards others and our expectations from them are not in consonance.

For Example: –

* An individual who does not respect the life partner expects respect from the other partner and the children.

* A foul mouthed and self-serving boss wants to command loyalty of the subordinates through sheer authority.

* An angry person wants to feel cheerful as well.

* A person in the habit of blaming everyone and everything for his life’s woes cannot enjoy even what he has.

* A Teacher who is not committed to his profession wants to train good dedicated students.

If our Personality and Behavior are governed by our thoughts, many of them formed as a result of inputs received in the childhood or while growing up, some of them even painful or traumatic, can we do something to change the BRAIN’S MEMORY or have to live with it as such?

Good News is that the MEMORY can be almost completely re-written and we can do so OURSELVES. The process might take time and patience but the TASK IS DOABLE and the effort is worthwhile.


We are what we are because of our THOUGHTS and need to recognize this fact. We can CONTROL the THOUGHT PROCESS and also RE-WRITE on our stored thoughts.


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