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Change your Attitude to Change your life

Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?

Lot have been said and written about attitudes…..What exactly are attitudes?

The dictionary meaning of attitude is:


“1. a feeling or opinion about something or someone, or a way of behaving that is caused by this: example :It’s often very difficult to change people’s attitudes.

2 If you say that someone has attitude, you mean that they are confident and independent, often in a rude or unpleasant way.

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All of us have been following a set of attitudes we learned in our lifetime through our own experiences and those of others. Some of them are positive ….helps us to live our lives to the fullest-enjoying every moment. There are other attitudes which make our lives and that of others miserable – harming ourselves or others around us.

There are a few other attitudes in life which are neither negative nor positive……but can be put under the category – General – living our lives the way we have been and living and doing nothing to progress in life – in our careers, our relationships, our physical, mental or spiritual aspects of life.

Attitudes are nothing more than habits of thoughts, and habits can be acquired. An action repeated becomes an attitude realized.
–Paul Myer (in Developing the Leader Within You by Maxwell)

The essence of Life as human beings is progress…..One thing all of us have to understand clearly is that if in any way we want to improve our lives -want more money, bigger house, smaller cell phones, have good health, recover from our addictions-if any, looking for “peace within”, serenity and contended life, we have to work on ourselves to change for the better. There are no two ways about it.

Changing our attitudes will definitely change our altitudes” But the problem is that many of us are not ready to change…..we fear change….Friends “pain doesn’t come from change ….it comes from resistance to change”

Here are a few “action steps” which will help you to work on the “Change of Attitude” Process. Try to work on it honestly and thoroughly. After all it is your life which can improve for the better.

First of all, do a little self searching exercise. You can ask yourself these questions:

a) Am I happy with the growth at my work.

b) Am I having a loving and understanding relationship with my wife/husband/partner or parents or children?

c)  Do others treat me the way I want them to treat me?

d) Am I grateful for whatever I have today?

e) Do I believe that “my feelings are results of my thoughts” can I can change myself to think differently to feel and act differently.

There are many, who answer in affirmative to the above…they are doing a wonderful job with themselves are working on other areas in life where they feel there is scope for improvement…..and the focus is on progress and not perfection. Because once we aim at perfecting a particular thing or behavior…..we don’t even start…it is human nature….we tend to be perfectionists…..either we do it perfectly or we don’t do it at all…So friends …..we are not looking to have a noble price for living a happy and better life but are targeting at improving from our present one.

If the answer to any of the above questions is in negative, then it is time we get going and ACT.

How do we go about changing ourselves?

Here are a few tools which helped me alter my attitudes thereby changing my life for the better .These tools have worked for me and thousands of others…and if these worked for us…it sure will work for you too…the only thing you have to do is let them.

1. Be honest, open minded and willing to change – This is the most important step. Until you are honest with yourself, open to ideas and suggestions, and Willing to improve ….there is nothing in this world which will work for you.

2. List down all the negative characters or traits you have – You can always take the help of your wife/husband/partner or a close friend as sometimes…we may not be able to see in ourselves what others can see in us.

3. Start working on them from “easy to hard” – start from the easiest one …the ones which requires less effort and gradually move on to the harder ones….break the harder ones into smaller parts….have a time limit…..set your own schedule… . but do a little bit on a daily basis….that way we will remain in touch with ourselves.

4. Compliment yourself on your achievements….howsoever small……compliment yourself …that way we are motivated to do a little more.

5. Thank your Higher power for whatever you have and whatever you were able to change……If you don’t believe in the concept of God…thank your stars……thank the universe…or thank science……the idea is not Whom to thank……but is to be grateful.

6. Snap yourself out of negative thoughts….and be conscious about them. One tool you can you can use is to wear a thick rubber band on your wrist and snap it whenever you are having negative thoughts…it will hurt you a little whenever you do that. By doing this you are giving signals to your brain that “pain is always comes from negative thoughts”…and if we don’t want pain….we might as well not think negative. Try it for 30 days and I am sure you mind will be alert whenever a negative thoughts comes.

7. Learn from your experience: “The one thing that is more painful than learning from experience is NOT learning from experience!”

Friends, life changes and if we WANT to be happy….we need to keep changing with time….and keep altering our attitudes to the changing situations and circumstances.

Most of us just need to start……..take action……. take the first step……….rest , God of your understanding and the universe will help you move on……

“It is easier to get older than get wiser”

Choice is yours….

Anurag Chopra

What have you to say on this ……Use the comments section below


23 Responses to “Change your Attitude to Change your life”

  1. avani says:

    its a very good article for finding yourself. anyone who wants to improve their selves and want to progress quickly should follow the instructions in above article.

  2. sujitharavi says:

    its really a nice article……this article really makes me to feel about changing my attitude towards life……………thanks anurag….

  3. Maihul says:

    Its good, but some points are bookish.
    I wid ask u to survey nd research over this b4
    expressing ur thoughts over this next time!
    Take Care

  4. arvind says:

    thank you Mr. Anurag… it truely is a great article.. it can realy do wonders to many.. buddy a simple suggestion.. it would great if this article is published in some leading mews paper… it can realy appeal to masses…

  5. adarsh says:

    accurate ,concise and well arranged .
    This is one of the best articles written in its simplest understanding but not short of completing the idea.

  6. sangeeta says:

    That was a nice one….most importantly its a motivating article and constant motivation is foundation of goal achievement. try to use daily life examples also because that relates in real sense. Thank you Mr.Anurag.

  7. kiran says:

    what matters is the attitude. Very well written and concise

  8. Gomathi H says:

    Thank you,

    The article is good I always read this type of articles helps me to change my attitude.
    please give more articles to reach our goal without any problem.

  9. SADAGOPAN says:

    I am a regular reader of this coloumn.Therefore I want to bring this as an example to your notice.
    Everything said is nice.However when conveying it is the content,language as well as editing and proofreading that counts at the receptor end. Once upon a time parents used to swear to their children by the grammar of newspapers.
    It is a pity that the same(proof reading) has taken a back seat today.While content has improved and so has intelligent copy writing, the editing & proof reading failure has let down the progress made otherwise.Many a time the whole meaning of what is being said either gets distorted or is dampened.
    For example:

    “It is easier to get older that get wiser”

    Choice is yours….

    Such an excellent quote has got destroyed and rendered meaningless by just putting “that” in place of “than”.See the impact of:

    “It is easier to get older THAN get wiser”

    Choice is yours….

    Please dont let your coloumn become one of todays’ newspapers.

    Thanks & Regards,

  10. admin says:


    Thanks for pointing out the mistake…Done the necessary corrections and will be more careful


  11. Pooja says:

    Anurag, what a wonderful way of summing up all the points or mode of action in a lucid manner! Very true, it’s just a change in our attitudes positively inclined, that is required. We have it all; right from vision to plans, aspirations to resources & now all we need to do is to bring a change in our own attitude. Although we all come from various segments of society, however, the basic component that drives us is very much common. Speaking out of my own experiences – positive attitude helps drastically. Try it out.

  12. Jyoti Ranjan Nath Sharma(Bauna) says:

    It is very very beautiful article indeed to change self attitude & to get appreciation from peoples.

    Implement the abstact in your life see the response.

    Thank you,

    Jyoti Ranjan nath Sharma(Bauna)

  13. r p mishra says:

    There are so many questions in my mind relating to relationship . I am rally delighted to read this article .I hope in future you must provide some material on the subject . I will eagerly be waiting . I seek an advice that how I should react to such a relation to which I was involved to the depth of my heart and due to the attitude of that relation I was badly ignored in an insulting manner . this incident has broken me . Now I dont want to continue this but it is too diffcult . Iam taking anti depressive medicines and sometimes I cannot even sleep without medicines. Iam sure that if some how this relation continues ,the same thing will be repeated as a part of the attitude of that relation.I want to take a bold and cnfident decission

  14. AJAY says:

    good article!
    simple steps which can make difference in life.
    keep on

  15. anonymous says:

    this s d wonderful article..i hv learnt a lot fron dis n will do d same..one can improve a lot from dese articles..keep writing anurag…god bless u..

  16. Babit Baweja says:

    Ita AWSOME…….Really very very good and beneficial. It shows very clearly that its not easy for anyone to change his/her attitude(as a general tedency of human being), but it is not impossible.So need is to take a step further………….

  17. saaaa....... says:

    really its a good article m little bit confused wts the diff. btn STYLE and ATTITUDE coz of ths article confusn was far away frm meeeeee nice articl

  18. jyoti says:

    A well deep and good thinking , the best part of it was that you talked of both the problem and the solution, analysis of attitude always being perceived as negative was absolutely true, it was really nice to know the new definition of “Attitude”

  19. ahmeduddin says:

    who wrote this is very good and i appreciate him, what i know about i want share with others. attitude is of two kinds 1. positive attitude and other is negative attitude. positive attitude people are very good peoples in my opnion becoz these appreciate the others good works and the give them boost to do such kind of works and the negavite attitude peoples are very bad peoples becoz they always thinks that the work are doing is a good and appreciable work, the work they are doing nobody cant do and these people never appreciate others to do good work. i hate this kind of peoples. these type peoples are mentally ill people. i am positive attitude and like positive attitude peoples.olk thats all bye


    good…….. rocking……….. mind blowing……… ausumn…………mind blasting……… Should wrie such article every day……… Lage raho.

  21. PHALGUNI says:


  22. kshitij says:

    this is a very chootiya scrap it is sucked

  23. s.sugeeban from psg college of technology,coimbatore says:

    after a boring english lab session i came to my college library with my class friend vinoth . . . just like that i typed in google “motivations and inspirations”,where i came to see this article.. there are so many commands above me and i dont wanna repeat it . i quit here.. it was awesome. . we should try it.. what do you say..???

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