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How to stimulate Positive Thoughts and and filter out the negative ones


We must give positive inputs to our mind to stimulate positive thoughts and filter out the negative ones.

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Power of our Thinking

  • Our thoughts can shape our lives and drive us towards success and happiness.

  • Through positive thinking we can create circumstances, which will enable us to achieve what we desire.
  • We shall be always looking for ‘Solutions’ rather than Problems’.
  • If we anticipate joy, good health, happiness and accomplishment, then we shall surely experience each one.
  • Staying positive will keep us in good mood and shall enhance the quality of our every experience.
  • With persistence we can condition our mind to judge fleeting, self-defeating thoughts as inconsequential and shall dismiss them.
  • Our positive thoughts will get translated into positive attitude and we shall get positive feelings from others too in almost every interaction.
  • We shall slowly but surely be rid of resentments, anger and jealousy, which are our enemies number one.


· Feeling grateful can actually change our lives.

· Let us be grateful to the ‘God of Our Understanding’ for his /her blessings. Remember that God is always benevolent and is our best ‘Friend’. We have to do our deed and leave the rest to God, rather than constantly trying to force the results.

· The change in our perspective will enable us to view our whole life differently.

· It will enable us to become joyful, more determined and enthusiastic.

· Feeling grateful can actually make us healthier and shall lead us towards a ‘Higher Quality of Life’.

· We shall not feel depressed or anxious.

· We should be grateful to our parents, life partner, children co-workers and friends, as they are partners in our progress.

· Gratitude when expressed to others always comes back.

· We must record our ‘Thanks’. Normally we forget to thank others for the ‘Several Small Good Things’, which make life happy and joyous for us. Example-Thank the spouse for a good hot meal, thank your boss for his guidance and appreciation, thank your juniors for their support and good work etc.

(Many ideas have been taken from an article by Deborah Norville in The Readers Digest-Feb.’09 issue)

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Enjoy the Journey of Life

The thrill is actually in the ‘Journey’ and not so much on reaching the ‘Destination’.

· The anticipation, planning, joys of small achievements and heartaches due to failures are all parts of a landscape we witness from a moving train-sometimes green and rosy, at other times barren and rocky.

· One always gives way to the other and we should therefore enjoy both.

· We shall enjoy the sweet smell of success only after the struggle. (sometimes even failures)

· Mahatma Gandhi laid greater stress on the ‘Means’ rather than the ‘End’ and rightly so.

· Let us not aim at achieving success through bluff and unfair means. If we want to move through life with our head held high, then let us take the straight but sometimes longer path. This will make the Journey immensely rich and amazing.


Positive thinking will enable us to ‘Enjoy the Process’, the Journey of life, with all its ups and downs.

For Positive Thinking to change our lives, it must become our predominant mind-set.



9 Responses to “How to stimulate Positive Thoughts and and filter out the negative ones”

  1. immi says:

    Really a beautiful article.I was much delighted by reading this.I can’t express my grattitude more than this.
    If you have any these kind motiving articles do mail me.
    Hope you can do this.

  2. Tajinder Singh says:

    Very thought provoking article and right on the money.

  3. Satish.Awasthi says:

    Excellent efforts.

    Keep sending such mails. It helps in motivating & creating positive thoughts.

  4. Asha says:

    very Inspiring and a Genuine article to help us understand what and how exactly must we frame the thought in our mind, any thought, but frame ot towards our benefit, rather than framing it as a thorn in our mind, that would eat the positive energy up, given to us by our God….

    Thanks again for this wonderful article……. I hope to write myself too one day..

  5. anonymous says:

    realy a motivating article..keep writinf..god bless u..
    n thnku 4 writing such articles..

  6. Pooja says:

    Very good n realistic thoughts n energized me…when i applied this to my life i saw the difference…really amazing..
    keep writing …it really motivates the people who tired of life…
    plzz keep mailing me such type of article..thanx a lot

  7. himanni says:

    Can i publish this article in our magazines

  8. jyoti says:

    A great thinking indeed, brought about a new confidence in me , i guess your just one article had the power to stimulate positive thoughts while many books on positive thoughts may turn out to be futile,it was realling nice reading this

  9. jazz says:

    Very nice article.Every single idea written in the article is true and works for sure.
    Everyone should try this.

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