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Roadmap For Positive Thinking-Perseverence

Let us persevere to achieve our goals and objectives. We must have self-belief that ‘We Can do’ and ‘We Can Win’. Positive Thinking will help us to stay determined and focused despite setbacks, which we shall have to overcome to reach our chosen Destination.


•  Athletes and Sports persons train hard for years. They regularly fight and overcome pain barriers to reach their mark.


•  Abhinav Bindra worked on his bad back for almost two years and went on to win the Air Rifle Shooting Olympic Gold in 2008.

•  Sania Mirza overcame her bad wrist and Mahesh Bhupati his bad back to win the mixed doubles Tennis Gold in the Australian Open 2009.

•  Lance Armstrong conquered cancer to become seven times Tour-de-France endurance cycling tournament.

•  Nelson Mandela stayed in solitary confinement at Robin Island for twenty seven years, before being released and went on to become President of South Africa. He never wanted to take revenge on his captors and is a Happy ninety years today, full of goodwill and smiles!

•  Abraham Lincoln lost every election from the municipal ward upwards, but kept faith and kept raising the bar to contest at the next higher level, till he became the President of The United States. He has been recently voted as the ‘Best’ ever President of the U.S in a survey!

•  Soldiers on the battlefront Climb Mountains in –40 degree C, fight extreme fatigue, frostbite and even torture by the enemy as they are ‘focused’ on their duty for the country.

•  Actors fight temptation to eat food of their choice and exercise hard to get toned bodies for adulation and success, which they crave.

We must note that they persevered, despite seemingly impossible odds, all because of Staying Positive.

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Never, Never, Never Give Up.


Patience is a virtue, which we have to imbibe in order to keep thinking positively. It is required for our Mental Peace and Happiness.

Lord Krishna’s message of ‘Nishkam Karma’ directs us to do our deeds without thinking about the results. (Which we tend to do all the time)
Pursue Excellence, Rewards Will Follow’-this is a certainty, but we have to leave the time frame to the ‘God as We Understand Him/Her)

•  Let us ‘Dare To Dream’ but work hard to turn our Dreams into Reality.

•  Let us not wait for thunderbolts of inspiration but start the process.

•  A sculptor famous for carving Elephants form stone when asked as to how did he do it replied that it is very simple. I chip away at the extras from the stone block, till only the Elephant remains! Slow and patient work definitely!

•  So let us chip away at all the extras patiently to get to our Goal.

•  Learned Cricket commentators say that Sachin Tendulkar patiently gets his eye in and takes time in getting set. But when he gets set and going, he is so focused that he sees nothing else-the cricket ball looks to him to be as big as a football.

•  Let us set ourselves stretch but not impossible targets and raise the bar incrementally after achieving every milestone.

•  Let us NOT straightaway aim at becoming Roger Federer or Shah Rukh Khan. They are extraordinary achievers.

•  We should first aim at becoming ‘Good’ before aiming to become ‘Great’.

•  About three decades back an interviewer told Ravi Tikoo, then one of the richest Indians in the World that he was very Lucky. Ravi said yes, but to stay lucky he had to work very hard on a consistent basis.


Perseverance and Patience are the hallmarks of great achievers. Positive Thinking and Self-Belief are the mantras to be always kept in mind.


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    Great stories. Thanks

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    its just 2 good.very inspiring and encouraging

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