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Power of Positive Thinking is immense

Our THINKING is shaped by the multiple inputs stored in our brain since childhood and the on-going experiences we have on a daily basis. Some experiences and events however leave a profound long-term impact on us.

All these experiences and inputs are a combination of whatever we term for ourselves as happy, sad and indifferent ones.


It is a universal truth that life will present all possible combinations in everyone’s life.  No one can aspire to have only ONE kind of CHOSEN experiences.

It is however in OUR OWN HANDS to view and interpret these inputs:

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  • As Positive or Negative
  • To rewrite on Our Old Stored Memory and re-interpret the stored thoughts and experiences.
  • To ultimately position ourselves to view things logically while drawing POSITIVES from each occurrence, whether it directly concerns us or not.
  • The Power of Positive Thinking is immense. We can change our whole personality and the day-to-day state-of-being through Positive Thinking.

    A whole body of writings is available on this subject and almost 4,000 books have been written on Happy Psychology and related subjects last year (The Times of India-Magazine Section, Sunday 1st Feb’09).

    While there has been tremendous material progress the world over in the last decades and new opportunities are available for hitherto unheard of careers, new services are available, choices for the consumer have increased multifold, we have to recognize that in today’s globalized world, this automatically leads to higher competition and  greater emphasis on performance.

    • Is there anything wrong in it? Definitely not.

    Evolution is a natural process and the shape of things is continuously undergoing transformation.

    • Can we stop it? No.
    • Can we ignore this fact? At our peril only.
    • Do we want to go back to the earlier ages? Only if we want to regress.

    We have to learn to live and enjoy in this wonderful world full of opportunities while being conscious of the challenges the pace of development poses.

    There is an on-going debate between materialism and spiritualism and many ‘Gurus’ ascribe higher stress and depression faced by mankind today to the RACE towards materialism.

    • Can we stop the Race? No.
    • Can we retard the PACE of growth or PROGRESS? No.
    • Do we want to scream-STOP THE WORLD, WE WANT TO GET OFF? No.
    • We all should and do want to remain on this fast moving train and enjoy the fruits of progress and the increased choices without feeling depressed or unduly stressed.
    • We do not want to go to an isolated mountain or an island to pray and meditate, yet want to lead a HAPPY LIFE.

    It is definitely POSSIBLE. We only have to imbibe POSITIVE THINKING and the RIGHT ATTITUDE towards things, events and happenings.

    This will also help to achieve the necessary BALANCE.

    According to Lord Krishna in Gita, the mantra is of ‘Karma’ and of ‘Detached Attachment’. It is a bit difficult but can be achieved to a reasonable degree if we think positively and strive to achieve it through continuous conscious efforts.


    We can engage in the Worldly Pursuits and also follow the Path of Spirituality simultaneously by following the ‘GOLDEN MEAN’, the path of moderation. We have to keep defining boundary limits for ourselves and should never go overboard.

    Positive Thinking helps us to view things differently and enables us to develop a healthy perspective.


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    9 Responses to “Power of Positive Thinking is immense”

    1. Manpreet Singh Bindra says:

      Really good way to develop ourselves.
      will try?

    2. abhijeet says:

      i personally feel to have a postive aspect towards life one needs to have people with positive bend of mind around him. people are strongly influenced by the company they maintain and to have a positive attitue towards life they need to find friends and people who have a positive attitude towards life who in case of any neagtive or depressing situation bring positivity in your life.

    3. r p mishra says:

      Ido agree with this fact we are strongly influnced by our sourindings, enviornment and people as such I would like to share that one should be far away with the people having negative thinking

    4. pallavi says:

      positive attitude the first word just washes away the negativities…..the boundary one needs to draw to themselves is one of the keyword of the paragraph we read in the above…it just remains a paragraph itself if we dont adopt it in our life.hope it does not be few lines….

    5. kiran kumar says:

      positive attitude is always good and ur suggestions r good and wil b practiced by me for step up of career thanx

    6. pooja says:


    7. akshat says:

      Karmanya vadukarasai … The mantra is karma and not after that. Thanks for re-affirmation and dedication to ourself.
      Keep spreading this positivity

    8. piyush says:

      The entire story gives a very practical n positive msg…..i really appretiate the way to communicate ur thoughts to encourage peoples…..keep writing such beautiful, easy to get n practical stories.


    9. hi says:

      akshat :
      Karmanya vadukarasai … The mantra is karma and not after that. Thanks for re-affirmation and dedication to ourself.
      Keep spreading this positivity

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