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Roadmap for Positive Thinking…It begins here

Every human being is unique and different. Our thought process and personality evolves based on hereditary factors, our own experiences, circumstances and a host of other factors.

While we can be in different parts of the world, belong to different religions, genders, age groups, social strata etc., yet we all have the Power to Think.

  • It is possible for all of us to look at the brighter side of things, i.e. to see the ‘Glass Half Full rather than Half Empty’

Let us understand a very simple fact that Positive Thinking leads to Positive Action, an Optimistic State of Mind and a Sense of Well Being.


While some of us are either born optimists or turn out to be so, others tend to be pessimists, nay Sayers, doomsday anticipators, chief critics of every person and event, satirical and Negative Thinkers. We are not happy in this state, but are not able to change it.

What needs to be done ?  Some fundamental action points are as under:


  • Let us dispassionately examine ourselves to understand our own mental make-up, aspirations, strengths, weaknesses etc.
  • Why do we think negatively, if at all ?
  • Do we feel that others have a better deal than us or are more fortunate ?
  • Are they more blessed or handsome ?
  • Are they rich or children of rich parents? And so on.
  • What are our unfulfilled needs?

This list can be really long but finally we must ask, ARE THEY GENERALLY HAPPY, FULL OF LIFE AND UPBEAT?

Also in comparison in which state do we usually find ourselves.

POSITIVE PEOPLE do not necessarily have any of the above things more than us, but they have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and see THINGS DIFFERENTLY, i.e. opportunity (brightness) in every situation.

  • So if we are Positive Thinkers and generally optimistic, we have to maintain this trait by not allowing negative thoughts into our brain’s sacred memory space. Resentments clog our hard disk.
  • If we however find us to be generally pessimistic and critical, we need to acknowledge this without any worry and to start the journey towards training ourselves to Think Positively.


Let us not go into the debate of believers and non-believers, also of rituals and dogmas.

  • Let us pray to a HIGHER POWER OR GOD, as we understand him/her.
  • This relationship is very personal and individual-essentially meant for a one-to-one sharing.
  • There is never any problem between human beings and GOD, as we understand him/her, only the middlemen create the same.
  • God is benevolent and always charitable.
  • In the most trying circumstances Prayer uplifts us and it seems that the LORD is holding our hand.
  • HAVE FAITH. The big decisions of life like the choice of ones life partner, career choices, and job changes though endlessly analyzed and reasoned out are ultimately a LEAP OF FAITH.We have faith in mother’s milk and her kindness, which cannot be belied, but should never be questioned. Whenever we are in distress, her voice and touch sooths and heals. Why? Faith.

    Ask any roadside vendor who barely makes two ends meet as how is he that day and the answer would invariably be –Thank God, I am fine or Thanks for your Blessings (in us also he sees God’s handiwork)



–  Life of Mahatma Gandhi is a complete journey of inspirations. The great scientist Einstein remarked that in the coming centuries people will refuse to believe that the Mahatma was merely a man of flesh and blood who walked this earth!

–  Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison and still does not hold any rancor in his heart. He is a cheerful 90 years (young) today.

Abraham Lincoln lost every election from the municipal one upwards but kept contesting at the next higher level till becoming President of the United States. Now that is self-belief.

–  President Obama’s message of hope ‘YES WE CAN’ has become a buzzword of inspiration for all. The thinkers are already saying that ‘Obama is an IDEA whose time has come’.


We have started building a simple roadmap towards POSIVITISM. Share your views …. Use the comments section….

All the Best

Arun Vedhera

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16 Responses to “Roadmap for Positive Thinking…It begins here”


    Very useful & tru thinking.
    Try to implement the faith by eveyone,
    Implication is find difficult in some
    Accept this advice

  2. Sandeep Sharma says:

    I am really impressed by the Article. I think being positive really helps but when things dosen’t work out, people do tend to become PESSIMIST again. So, I THINK one needs to be much more determined to be and to always think positively which can be done via FAITH. This Article covers it all. Cheers, keep posting such good things.

  3. dilpreet bajwa says:

    very nice article… yes, faith in God as well in ourself is realy very very impt..

  4. Raj Kumar Sinha says:

    Thanks for providing such a promising article. I believe, the thoughts like these are the need and essance of our present society, where our young bloods are deprived of the proper guidance and positive thinking…

  5. pooja says:

    very nice and motivating article. ialso think that +ve thinking is very necessary for the success. without it life is dark.

  6. Dr SATHYA PRASAD says:

    really a wonderfull work…..i would like to tell one thing.Here the term ” GOD” doesnt refer to a hindu muslim or a christian.It refers to an utmost power.Faith on this “UTMOST POWER” is a must to succeed in life.. During our childhood we had lot of faith on our parents hence we never used to get tensed.We had faith that our parents ll rescue us from each and every difficulty,hence we used to be cool.In this context “the utmost power” refers to our parents.Thus i conclude that faith on “utmost power” is a must to succeed in life…. wish you all a very best of luck dear…… let all your dream come true…

  7. Iffat says:

    Very inspiring article.Prayer and Faith do really have an immense power.We have to believe in ourselves and that’s really necessary to get the change that u want in your life.

  8. I B MISHRA says:

    Most positive thinking is to have selfconfidence and this will inturn generate confidence and faith in others.Be happy and make other happy.Do your duty and always think that others are doing their job nicely.Try to correct your own mistake which in turn make every thing correct.

  9. Dr.Manmeet says:

    Thanks a lot for being so kind to pursue this idea of positive thinking.but my personal experiences say that at times u r fully optimist but still u dont get what u want.But ya i strongly believe in Prayers and Faith in The Almighty.yes this is very true if u trust Almighty and Prayer u will surely get what u want.God really loves every human being and Prayers really work.Being successful is a blend of Prayer and Determination. A strongly determined person reaches the heights that person wants to reach by Faith in Almighty.so people keep doing ur work and do good deeds and you will surely get what u want.Trust God completely.All ur endeavors will be successful.

  10. rohit says:

    most positive thinking to induce success.i have only one word to describe this . it is superb

  11. T R Sharma says:

    A nice and noble effort which needs to be encouraged because it’s not that difficult to start with having FAITH. What is difficult is to keep on having FAITH (especially when despite all your efforts things are not going right ) and it is till more difficult to make others have FAITH and to make others to have FAITH under all circumstances is the most difficult part. But then if you beileve in it you have to keep on doing it. May GOD bless creed of Arun Vedhera and likes. When you think negative you sow a seed of negative action. Positive thinking is the only way to ensure that such seeds do not germinate. B+ve.

  12. Samiksha Trigun says:

    a realy encouraging article specially for students at this stage of time.In today`s life positive attitude has become must.

  13. Surinder SIngh says:

    I am really impressed by the Article.Positive thinking is selfconfidence and this will generate confidence and faith.Be happy and make other happy.Do your duty and always think that others are doing their job nicely.Try to correct your own mistake which in turn make every thing correct.

  14. Ravi Khanna says:

    Good article. Positive thinking releases positive energy, through which we enlighten our path leading to attainment of our objective. Negative thoughts thwart our efforts to succeed.

  15. Chandra Sekhar Vakada says:

    Yes. This is an excellent article. We are all living with a hope of better things to come / happen in life with efforts put in that direction and come what may. Even things/events that happen in our lives contrary to our expectations (negative events), actually help us analyse our mistakes, correct them and move on with life. For all this faith in God is the best way to help us think positively, for self control and make us be a good human, for ourselves, our family and the society we live.

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