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Understanding failure

By Tim Connor


It’s only a word.

But it carries with it so much pain
and so little concern
so much frustration
and so little respect,


so much stress and so little
that people spend their lives
running through their days

in the hope of avoiding the long arm
of this little word.

To test our vision, you must risk

To temper your ego, you must attempt
the impossible.

To tell your story, you must
take a chance.

To see beyond the horizon, you must
spread your wings.

To be all you can be, you must
stretch, flex, try, and go beyond
your proven limits.

To bridge the silence, you must risk

To advance into the unknown, you must
risk the peril of all your
previous beliefs and emotions
that feel so secure.

Failure is not negative. It is a teacher.
It molds, refines, and polishes you
so that one day your light will
shine for all to see.

It isn’t the failure you experience
that will determine your destiny,
but your next step and then the next
that will tell
the story of your life.

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11 Responses to “Understanding failure”


    its a nice enthusiastic note……
    failure is really a small word but it has big meaning.

  2. Twinkle says:

    It’s a wonderful way of representing the most dreadful thing in our lives !! Thanks a lot…

  3. sana says:

    well said….I have realised that in many cases Success is nothing but an attempt to avoid failure,for instance, we study not bcoz we want to seek knowledge but bcoz we dont want to get failed, though its ok,but not d best approach…What i meant to say is dat u can achieve success through many ways…but d best route is to pursue ur dreams without even thinking of failure n in d process even if u fail..embrace ur failures..and continue ..never let failure deter u..just keep an eye on ur destination(goal)…n never count hurdles on ur way.
    Failure is nothing but a test to separate determined people from less determined.
    wishing u all happy days ahead.

  4. raja says:

    well said Sana…..

  5. sana raja says:

    failure is not permanent ;what is permanent is giving up.so work hard & never give up.

  6. Sourabh Choudhary says:

    nice well written poem which shows the value of failure in man’s life.hats off to poet.

  7. nazia hussain says:

    its a nice poem

  8. megha says:

    its really a motivating poem.

  9. bhawana mishra says:

    it is a very encouraging poem which contains the reality and believe me if we follow these words we would never feel depressed even in times of failure.the thoughts of the poet has been beautifully expresed in words. I would like to add to it,till u hav ur breath in u u can do anything and everything.For 2days youngsters in difficulties just think about god and move on thinking better days r ahead.

  10. gulzar ahmad khan says:

    fantastic poem which energises people that even after failure if we focuss on our goal ,we will see success is one step nearer than before

  11. athira r nair says:

    itz very inspirational poem touching the very depth of faiure in our life

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